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In August 2005 the Western Australian Show Ski team received a call that was to prove their most challenging. “Mileseum”, a company in South Korea had heard about the WA based show ski team and enquired as to the possibilities of the team travelling to South Korea to perform at the 2006 World Dinosaur Expo in Goseong.

Apart from the obvious logistical problems of distance, most show ski events are performed over 2-3 days. The Koreans required the team to perform two shows a day during the Expo which ran for 52 days. Organising one team to perform overseas for two months would be difficult. To overcome the problem the team was divided in to three separate groups, each group to perform two to three shows per day over a three week period during the Expo, the Koreans agreed and soon in late September, Andrew the Show director and WA Show Ski President Paul Hobbs were heading to Korea to check out the site as well as the country. If they were going to send groups of families to a foreign county to perform water ski shows they needed to be reassured that everyone was going to enjoy the experience as well as be safe.

Their concerns soon proved unwarranted as they found the Korean people very friendly, the country clean and apart from a communication problem with the language, a very easy place to get around. They travelled to the Expo site, which was in Goseong, located 400km south of Seoul. The Expo site was approximately 40 hectares in size located on a natural ocean inlet, the area was ideal for water ski shows and the Koreans indicated that the weather conditions during the Expo would be perfect.
After completing negotiations with the Koreans and attempting to source a suitable tow boat in Korea, which proved unsuccessful, it was decided that the WA team would supply two of their own boats, along with all skis, ropes, costumes and inflatable rescue boat.

Back in Perth the team had six months to create a water ski show with an Australian theme and co-ordinate three teams of skiers who would be able to duplicate the shows over the 52 day period, also particular attention had to be given to the type of music used in the shows as well as having all the commentary pre-recorded and then translated to Korean.

The teams were divided into three relatively small groups of about 14, they had to perform a 30 minute water ski show consisting of acts such as bare footing, aqua-ballet, comedy routines, flag pasts, trick skiing, high speed stunt skiing as well as a 3 tiered pyramid.

The final challenge was squeezing two 400 horsepower ski boats, plus skis, ropes, rescue boat, ample spare parts and all other necessary items into a 40 foot sea container for the long journey to South Korea. With some careful planning this was achieved and the container along with all the equipment left Perth in March 2006 bound for South Korea’s main port Busan.

The first team departed for Korea in early April and found themselves conducting their first performance to a crowd of 3000 people and a television audience of many million South Koreans.

After 9 months of planning and 3 months of skiing the WA Show Ski Team performed a total of 92 water ski shows to a combined audience of over 1 .5 million people. The entire exercise certainly gave the Koreans an insight into the world of show skiing as well as putting the local Western Australian show ski team on the international map.

The entire exercise has left the WA Show Ski Team well prepared to explore all opportunities anywhere in the world. Distance is not a factor when you consider the WA Show Ski team to conduct professional water ski shows at your next event

The following link is short video of a 30 minute show edited to 3 mins. for download purposes as performed in South Korea. (commentary in Korean)
View the video - 13.25 MB

A full DVD with English commentary only, showing comprehensive vision of show content is available. Please contact us to have a copy mailed to you.

Please see our reference from our South Korean client who was given the task by the South Korean government to find the best mobile Show Ski Team available on the international circuit.

Also see attached article appearing in October’s issue of “Recreational Boating Western Australia”


Please contact the WA Show Ski Team when organising your next event for a competitive quote to perform high quality water ski shows with an Australian theme.


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